Phabeni Gate

Phabeni Gate

Phabeni Gate is the closest entrance into the Kruger National Park from Hazyview,  just 10 kilometres away. Built in 2002 this gate was built to ease entrance into the Kruger National Park for people coming from Johannesburg or Pretoria via Hazyview.

This newly built gate was an opportunity to cut travel time for people who take for long trips. Phabeni is a Sotho word meaning shelter and hence why this gate into the Kruger National Park is called Phabeni due to the many close shelters one finds when entering the Phabeni Gate. When one enters the Phabeni Gate they find three indigenously themed rondavels that greet you at the gate built with an African architectural style aura which embodies the new South Africa.

The gate is named after a river stream which was name after a Swazi chief who named the stream after himself. So not only is this gate directly linked to great history but one can also take a trip by stopping at the Phabeni for a moment of past reflection of the olden days making the easy trip into Kruger National Park via this Gate not only easy and accessible but also historical and educational.

This stream is one crossed shortly after entering Phabeni gate. Often you will experience good game viewing in the immediate vicinity of Phabeni Gate.  So, for those traveling from Johannesburg and Pretoria via the Phabeni Gate this is a great way to enter the Kruger National Park. Easily accessible but also a great viewing experience.

The Gate is 15 Kilometers from Hazy View Town where most lodges who do Kruger Safari will stay. There are particularly good sightings of the BIG 5 if you enter through these Gate but you can see a lot of other animals like Giraffe, Kudu, Hippo, Bushburk and Nyala, among others.

One of the advantages of entering through these Gate is that you get more time to see wildlife on your Kruger Safari. You will get an opportunity to travel through some good roads that wild life to frequent

Our Kruger Day Safari can depart from this gate if you have booked your accommodation in Hazy View Lodges. Make sure to let us know the exact address that you will be staying while in Hazy View.


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