Kruger National Park

Surrounding Cities at the Kruger National Park Safari

The Kruger National Park in all its glory and great accomplishments, from being one of the worlds greatest National Parks and being recorded as the largest game reserve in Africa is made complete by its surrounding cities and towns.

These towns and cities only give it heritage and culture but helps it grow everyday to world class status. These towns include Hazyview, Nelspruit as well as White River. These towns form the getaway to a memorable Kruger National Park Safari


Getting its name from shimmering haze that occurs during the heat of summer, Hazyview is a town in Mpumalanga that has become quite the stop when visitors visit the great Kruger Safari

Bordering the Kruger National Park, this lush, green and sub-tropical farming town has made a name for itself with its hospitality and beautiful scenery. Most people that do Kruger National Park Safari make their bookings in these town.

Also known for having amazing climate Hazyview is known to be renowned for its banana industry. So not only will one get to experience the Kruger Safari while in this warm town but will also get to enjoy bananas from the best banana farms in South Africa and the world alike.

Hazyview was made widely known in 1959 when the first Post Office was established and Hazyview station came into being when the old Selati line was re-routed outside the Kruger National Park at Kaapmuiden in the late 1960’s.

Now however Hazyview has become a tourism hub hosting many tourists and putting itself out there. A town with history and a taste for new things. With numerous activities to do such as bird watching, mountain biking, history tours, hiking and so much more Hazyview is a true gem.

A town whose contribution to the great Kruger National Park is outstanding. Hazy View town is about 15 Kms from the nearest Kruger National Park gate called Phabeni and most people doing a Kruger safari reside near these town. Hazy View allows you to get to Phabeni gate in exactly 15 minutes while doing an early morning Kruger Safari.

Kruger Safari Africa and Africa Moja Tours do operate Kruger Day Safaris from these town. They also do Half Day Morning Kruger safari and half day afternoon safari all departing from Hazy View hotels and Lodges.


Known as the gate way to Kruger National Park, the Nelspruit City also known as Mbombela is the capital of the province of Mpumalanga. Playing a role in history Nelspruit has its role in events such as the Broer War as well as discovery of gold, not to mention the numerous San Rock Art that can be found in this amazing city.

Nelspruit or Mbombela has accomplished and come along way since 1905 when it was founded by three brothers of the Nel family who grazed their cattle around the site of Nelspruit during the winter months.

Now a well-known tourist hub for tourist going to Kruger National Park this city has created its own attractions to stand out as the Capital of Mpumalanga. For example, Nelspruit was chosen as one of the hosts in 2010 for the Fifa World Cup and currently houses the Mbombela Stadium built for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Nelspruit also offers one as an attraction the Sudwala Caves, where these caves date back 3,000 million year. On our way to Kruger Safari, we can see directions to these caves. History drips in every corner of this vibrant city.

Lastly a worth mentioning attraction for those going through Nelspruit or having an overnight stay before venturing off to Kruger Safari, The Lowveld botanical gardens just outside the city boasts a rare collection of plant species and the first man-made rain forest which is a definite must see for any visitor.

Kruger Safari Africa and Africa Moja Tours do operate Safaris to Kruger National Park from these town. They also do Half Day Morning Kruger Park Safari and half day afternoon Kruger Park Safari all departing from Hazy View hotels and Lodges.

White River

Founded in 1890 White River is a small holiday and farming town situated just north of Mbombela in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Also known for its proximity to the Kruger National Park this small town is a great stop and overnight stay area for any visitor Planning a safari into the Kruger National Park.

With a farming tradition that dates back since the Anglo Broer War this town is dipped in cultural history that keeps one interested. With farms in the region producing tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers and timber tourist are bound to have an array of sites to visit before going to see the Big 5 at Kruger National Park.

The White River town also offer activities to those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Crocodile River Valley a day of outdoorsy activities that would also include lovely forest for ones viewing pleasure , a day at a reptile park enjoy and viewing the reptiles and lastly  visiting the St. Georges Anglican Church as well as visiting the Mission End Trading Post from which you can pick up antiques and treasures.

Kruger Safari Africa and Africa Moja Tours do operate Kruger Day Safaris from these town. They also do Half Day Morning Kruger Safari and half day afternoon safari all departing from Hazy View hotels and Lodges.

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